Quilter’s Lightbox

Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio
$60.00 ( + sales tax for MO. residents)
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System Requirements:
  • PC running Windows Vista or above (Does not run on Windows XP or on a Macintosh)
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM Memory
  • Minimum 1 GB available hard disk space
  • CD Rom Drive
  • Stable internet connection for activation of software and to download updates
  • The software is restricted to a single user
  • It is non-transferable
  • It is restricted to a maximum of 3 installs over it's life

All software will be shipped directly to you. It includes the software and a library of over 9000 pattern pictures. Purchasers may choose to automatically download the executable Quilter's LightBox software immediately but will have to wait for the DVD for the library of picture files. If you choose auto download you will need to install the picture library when you receive the DVD. Your purchase entitles you to free picture updates. Check back on a monthly basis and look for new updates under the updates tab.

Quilter's LightBox-Illuminate Your Vision

  • Load pictures of quilt patterns
  • Load pictures of quilts and quilt blocks
  • Preview the pattern pictures superimposed over your quilt pictures
  • The ability to enlarge, reduce, copy, rotate, increase/decrease line widths, and adjust the line colors
  • Print a picture of the quilt/block with the patterns and a list of patterns used
  • Create a zip file with all the pictures for easy emailing

Quilter's Lighbox purchase includes:

  • Software
  • Over 9,000 jpegs of quilting patterns from Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio categorized for easy use
  • Free monthly updates of new quilt pattern jpegs from Sweet Dreams
  • Instructions for creating an easy quilt holder for photographing quilts and blocks
  • Instructions for operating the software
  • Instructions for getting quilt pictures and pattern pictures off of a web site and putting them on your computer for use with the software

Wholesale Pricing Available

Contact us at sweetdreamsqs@aol.com for wholesale pricing and requirements.