How do I know if this software is right for me?  Is there a demo I can watch?

There are demo videos.  The first one is 9 minutes long and takes the viewer through the basic steps of how to use the software.  Subsequent videos address other features of the software.

Click Here to watch video #1.

Click Here to watch video #2

Click Here to watch video #3


What is your refund/return policy?

Refund of purchase only on return of unopened package within 30 days of purchase.

What are your shipping rates?

$6.00 USA
$24.00 International



  • The software is restricted to a single user.
  • It is non-transferable.
  • It is restricted to a maximum of 3 machine installations.  At some point in the future, when hard drives crash and PC’s are replaced, we will have the functionality to deactivate obsolete machines and re-activate on the replacement machines.
  • Software license is registered at the time of installation using the serial number issued at time of order.


How do I deactivate my software from my machine?


I have purchased patterns from a lot of different designers.  Can I use pattern pictures of their designs in Quilter’s LightBox?

  • Absolutely!  We are inviting pattern designers to participate in our free monthly pattern pictures updates.  We have just confirmed that Anne Bright will be participating in the free pattern picture updates!
  • You can grab images of designs off the internet, or use Snippet to make screen shots of the patterns to use in Quilter’s LightBox.
  • If you make your own designs you can do the same thing.  Either make .jpgs of the patterns through whatever software you use to draw in, or pull up the stitching pattern in your quilting software and capture the screenshot.


How can I audition edge-to-edge designs?

  • The software comes with single repeat pattern pictures.  If the edge to edge design you want to audition is a Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio design, we are happy to create a 4 repeat x 1 row image for you.  We plan to create a library of these extended pattern pictures in the future.


I am a pattern designer.  How can I get my designs distributed for use with Quilter’s LightBox software?

  • Click here to download the Designer Participation pdf.


 I want to have a Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio pattern modified.  Where do I send my Quilter’s LightBox attachment with the modifications I need made?



Software and Technical Support

For technical assistance, contact us by telephone at 573.446.0421 or email us at support@quilterslightbox.com.

Please read the Technical Requirements for Quilters LightBox. If you plan on using Windows 10, please read these instructions to install QLB.